Qualified Safety

Online Employee Testing

As business becomes more complex and your employees are expected to know more everyday, making certain there is a clear understanding of your policies and procedures is more important than ever.

An educated and trained workforce creates a safer, healthier work environment for everyone, reduces risk and production losses from accidents, inefficiencies and mistakes, and can provide a defensible position in courtrooms, hearings and legal procedures.

QualifiedSafety.com delivers by documenting exactly what your employees know and don’t know. Plus, our focus on testing complements your training by providing a great diagnostic tool for your educational programs and exposing them to recognized hazards.

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Why Qualified Safety.com?

QualifiedSafety.com is your best choice for customized, hosted online safety testing and assessment. Our unique testing-only online software provides training tests, pre-employment screenings, safety procedure assessments and any other business- specific and industry policies your employees need to know. We recognize that what your people know is directly related to what they’re trained on. So we make certain your test accurately reflects your training.
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Build Your Own Test

We specialize in safety, but we know your concerns may be broader than that. That means our powerful online software can be customized to your topic and training methods. We can customize the subject criteria, questions and even customized knowledge threshold levels.
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Testing is All We Do

There are plenty of online options for teaching employees what you want and need them to know. QualifiedSafety.com focuses on just the testing so you don’t have to swim through loads of content on training websites you just don’t want and don’t need to pay for. No matter how you deliver your training, QualifedSafety.com can deliver more testing, more quickly.
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Testing the Test

We employ an experienced team of subject-matter experts to help you customize criteria, create the perfect questions for your employees and assessments for applicants. Our consultants are skilled in their respective fields and understand test construction, test bias and deployment to make certain you get valid, helpful results; results that can help you identify gaps in your training and begin to change employee bad habits and behaviors. Our deep bench of experts is also qualified to evaluate your pre-existing tests, questions and methodology.
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Comprehensive Reports

Since all we do is testing, we can really focus on generating the in-depth results and reports you need. You’ll see specific areas for reinforcement in your training and find out right away if an employee or applicant knows what you need them to know. Gap analysis reports show where more training is required for just one person or an entire group. After all, employees who are better at their job are better for your company.
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Easy to Use

We’ve created a simple online interface that’s easy to use because it’s focused exclusively on testing. There’s no plug-ins, downloads, installations or other barriers. If you have your test ready to go, you can have it posted online and available for use in just minutes. And real-time results means you can react immediately to the needs of your employees. All this with no set-up fees, simple, pay-as-you-go pricing or our annual All Access Pass.